Woodlawn Plantation

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The plantation was about two miles up Aldridge Road from Highway 553 at Traveller's Rest Road.  The plantation house driveway is opposite of where Traveller's Rest Road dead ends into Aldridge Road.   This plantation was seven miles south of Rodney (almost extinct) and two miles north west of Greenville (now extinct).  Greenville was where Aldridge Road dead ends into highway 553.  The Old Natchez Trace, a main road in Antebellum times, ran through Greenville and connected Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. 

The map coordinates for Woodlawn Plantation are:  T9N-R1W, sections 6 and probably 8; and T10N-R1W, sections 49 and 50.  The plantation owner's house was and still is in section 6. 

  • Some years after the Civil War when Woodlawn was no longer owned by the David Hunt descendants, it is known to have been 1,500 acres in size.  The date on his house shows that David Hunt had section 6 in 1813 - about 200 acres or so.  A survey map at the Bureau of Land website shows that he bought section 49 in 1817 - about 500 acres.  The Bureau of Land website only shows land purchased from the government; however, Hunt also inherited land in the area when his Uncle died in 1811 and purchased from individuals.  Thus, knowing the exact size and boundaries in any given year is an elusive business.
  • Woodlawn was David's "headquarters" plantation. Cotton and corn were grown and livestock was raised on all of his plantations; however, on Woodlawn a slave training program was instituted to teach the slaves trades to serve the other plantations. Thus, on Woodlawn blacksmith and carpentry work was done, leather was tanned, shoes made, thread spun and cloth was woven. This work was done by the slaves. Consequently, while most of the slaves on Hunt's other plantations were field hands, many slaves on Woodlawn were blacksmiths, carpenters or seamstresses. The WPA slave narratives of Cyrus Bellus and Peter Brown are rare records of slave life on the Hunt plantations.
  • A lot of the land for this plantation was hilly.  In the early days of a plantation like this the trees would have been cut and the stumps allowed to rot while cotton was planted all around them running up and down the hills.  This led to the soil being quickly worn out due to erosion and the intensive farming.  Because the plantation was on high ground that didn't get the rich silt deposits from the Mississippi River floods every few years, it made a good place for David Hunt to live and have his slaves produce shoes, clothes and other goods for the much more flat, fertile plantations he owned in the nearby delta (bottom land in the Mississippi River flood plane).


  1. David Hunt eventually owned the following 25 plantations, though probably not all at the same time (Harnett T. Kane, "Natchez on the Mississippi," Bonanza Books, NY, p 179).
    1. Tensas Parish, LA - Arcola Plantation 
    2. Tensas Parish, LA - Argyle Plantation 
    3. Belle Ella Plantation - probably in Tensas Parish, LA
    4. Concordia Parish, LA - Hole In The Wall Plantation 
    5. Adams Co., MS - Homewood Plantation 
    6. Adams Co., MS - Lansdowne Plantation
    7. Adams Co., MS - Oakley Grove Plantation
    8. Adams Co., MS - Wilderness Plantation
    9. Fairview Plantation - probably in Claiborne Co, M 
    10. Issaquena Co., MS - Georgiana Plantation
    11. Issaquena Co., MS - Wilderness Plantation - Issaquena MS  
    12. Jefferson Co., MS - Ashland Plantation MS
    13. Jefferson Co., MS - Black Creek Plantation
    14. Jefferson Co., MS - Buena Vista Plantation
    15. Jefferson Co., MS - Calviton Plantation
    16. Jefferson Co., MS - Fatlands Plantation
    17. Jefferson Co., MS - Huntley Plantation
    18. Jefferson Co., MS - Oakwood Plantation
    19. Jefferson Co., MS - Servis Island Plantation
    20. Jefferson Co., MS - Southside Plantation - Jefferson MS
    21. Jefferson Co., MS - Brick Quarters Plantation
    22. Jefferson Co., MS - Waverly Plantation - Jefferson MS
    23. Jefferson Co., MS - Woodlawn Plantation MS
    24. Fatherland Plantation MS
    25. Givin Place Plantation
    26. Oak Burn Plantation



David Hunt
2 miles up Aldridge Road from Highway 553 at Traveller's Rest Road. The plantation house driveway is opposite of where Traveller's Rest Road dead ends into Aldridge Road.