Buena Vista Plantation

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This plantation was on Southside/Ashland Road. It was ten miles below Rodney, MS along the MS River. The plantation is shown as "Gen. Zachary Taylor" on the map at the following link. http://usgwarchives.org/maps/louisiana/parishmap/tensaslatourette1853.jpg Note that the author of the map didn't even bother to put Buena Vista Island which was in the MS River at this plantation site.


Buena Vista was a 2,000 acre plantation at land coordinates T10N-R2W, sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The land in this area is shown in the original survey at the General Land Office records at the Bureau of Land Management website. Section 14 is the land that became Ashland Plantation MS (which adjoined Buena Vista), and section 24 out in the River became Servis Island Plantation. The link to the map is: http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/SurveySearch/Survey_Detail.asp?dmid=74311&Index=1&QryID=1745%2E244&DetailTab=3


A small island known as Buena Vista Island ran along beside Buena Vista Plantation in the MS River. It was not shown on most of the old maps. In Antebellum times it was just a small uncultivated wooded island. The small waterway that flowed between Buena Vista Island and Buena Vista Plantation was known as Gillum's Shute. Boats went through the shute to cut several miles from their trips along the MS River. A well known boat landing developed known as Buena Vista Landing at this plantation because of Gillum Shute. A map showing Buena Vista Landing as a red marker is at the following website. http://www.clocations.com/cviewmap.aspx?list=caty&state=MS&caty=Locale&lid=904254


Buena Vista was a 2,000 acre plantation at land coordinates T10N-R2W, sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. On modern maps such as the one at the following website the MS River has shifted to the west of where it was in Antebellum times, making Buena Vista Island much larger than the small uncultivated wooded island it was before the Civil War. 


The plantation had 86 slaves and was known as [Cypress Grove} when General Zachary Taylor purchased it

Buena Vista Landing
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