Huntley Plantation

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This plantation was located on Cole's Creek at T9N-R1E section 10 & 11 and T9N-R1W section 3 & 26.

Huntley Plantation was Abijah Hunt's plantation.  When he died in a duel in 1811, it is thought that Abijah was buried on Huntley in T9N-R1E, section 11.  His nephew David Hunt inherited it.  Then David gave it to his son George as a wedding gift and residence.  It was a cotton plantation. 


Jefferson County, MS - 59 slaves.  From the 1860 slave census, George Hunt had 59 slaves in Jefferson County.  They most likely worked on Huntley Plantation because this was probably the only Jefferson County plantation that David Hunt gave his son George when George married in approximately 1848.  (Tom Blake , “JEFFERSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI,LARGEST SLAVEHOLDERS FROM 1860 SLAVE CENSUS SCHEDULES,” mindspring, April 2001, , (20 Jan 2008).

Cole's Creek
William Murray
Jacob Cable
Abijah Hunt
David Hunt
George Ferguson Hunt
Circa 1798