Southside Plantation

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"This plantation was right on the MS River to the south of the town of Rodney, MS. David Hunt's Fatlands Plantation was inbetween Southside Plantation and the town of Rodney (both on the MS River). Thus, Southside was the second plantation below Rodney. Rodney had a busy MS River port in the 1800s. On the map at the following link, find the property that is colored "red" on the MS River just south of Rodney, MS. Southside Plantation was about half way between the red property and the town of Rodney. The plantation was at land coordinates T10N-R1W, section 20. 


From current satellite images that show the present day cleared fields at this location, the plantation appears to have been 600 to 700 acres in size.


From the 1860 Federal Slave Schedule, Jefferson Co. Transcribed by Tom Blake, 386 slaves - HUNT, David, Police Dist. 4, page 60B. (David Hunt had given several of his Jefferson County Plantations to his children by 1860, but he still retained Southside, Fatlands, Woodlawn, Brick Quarters and possibly others - maybe Waverly and Buena Vista. These 386 slaves would have been spread across all of these plantations - see Woodlawn Plantation MS for more information}"

David Hunt
1818 (July 22)