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Basic Information

  • Location – Savannah River, Calhoun FallsAbbeville County

    Located on SC 72 at the Savannah River bridge, three miles west of the Town of Calhoun Falls

  • Origin of name – Two of the property's first structures were a gristmill and a millrace, hence Millwood.
  • Other names – ?
  • Current status – Owned by Duke Power Company; used for pulpwood cultivation


  • 1833 – Earliest known date of existence
  • 1833 – House built by James E. Calhoun, brother-in-law and cousin of John C. Calhoun
  • 1940s – Purchased by Duke Power Company


  • Number of acres – 10,000
  • Primary crops – Corn, cotton


  • Chronological list – James E. Calhoun (1833-?); Duke Power Company (1940s-?)


  • Number of slaves – 200


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