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Basic Information

  • Location – BlackvilleBarnwell County
  • Origin of name – ?
  • Other names – Kilkenny, Old Reynolds Place
  • Current status – Has been subdivided


  • ? – Earliest known date of existence
  • 1801 – House built (rear of 1801 picture)

    Cornelius Tobin built the house and called it Fairmount (Home of Cornelius Tobin).

  • 1832 – Tobin passed away and Rev. Darling Peeples purchased Fairmount Plantation (Home of Cornelius Tobin).
  • 1850 – Rev. Peeples died. His daughter, Julia Peeples Reynolds, made the plantation her home (rear of 1801 picture).
  • 1858 – Julia passed away, leaving the plantation to her husband, Dr. William Sims Reynolds (rear of 1801 picture).

    The name of the plantation was changed to Old Reynolds Place Plantation (Peeples and Stroman Family Book, p. 1)

  • 1888 – Dr. Reynolds died, leaving his property to his three daughters.
  • 1926 – Reynolds descendants still owned the property when the house was destroyed (Home of Cornelius Tobin).
  • 2006 – The plantation remained in the Reynolds family until 2006, when it was subdivided. There were a total of three tracts. Of these, two full tracts and a third of the other were sold to a corporation. Some family members did retain ownership of their shares (approximately 60-75 acres), but the majority of the land was sold.


  • Number of acres – Around 350 acres in 2006 before it was subdivided
  • Primary crop – ?
  • There was a large, ornate garden. Click here and scroll down to see a picture of the garden.


  • Chronological list – Cornelius Tobin (?-1824), Rev. Darling Peeples (1824-1850), Julia Peeples Reynolds (1850-1858), Dr. William Sims Reynolds (1858-1888), Reynolds descendants (1888-2006)


  • Number of slaves – ?


  • The house was demolished in 1926.

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