Acadia Plantation

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"Thibodaux, La  Originally named Acadie, the name was changed to Acadia in the 1830's. Once owned by Jim,, Retzin, and Stephen Bowie, the hero of the Alamo, whose family owned it from 1827 to 1831. The house was consolidated into one building from two creole cottages and a shotgun house. Other owners were Philip Barton Key, Nephew of Francis Scott Key and Andrew Donelson, nephew of Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson. Federal troops camped here during the Civil War. The Plantation was owned by descendants of Ann Plater Key, mother of Philip Barton Key. Today the grounds of the plantation is home to Nicholls State University."

The Arcadia Plantation was a historic plantation house in Thibodaux, Louisiana, U.S.. It was the plantation of James Bowie, who served in the Battle of the Alamo.[2] It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 29, 1987.[3] It was demolished in 2010.[2]

In 2010 Acadia Plantation was demolished and a plaque was placed on Hwy 1 next to Nicholls State University in memory of the plantation. Construction crews worked from the inside out as they dismantled portions of the historic plantation home. The land and home was purchased by Jake Giardina and partner Ron Adams in 2003 from the Plater family as part of a 3,000-arce transaction. The home's future has been a topic of local debate since that time, although there have been no organized attempts to save it. It was listed on the National Register of Historical Places.[2] The 3,400-acre plot of land is now a subdivision which includes a mix of stores, restaurants and homes to the people of Thibodaux. The 132-arces of Acadia Plantation is residential homes and businesses. The style and arrangement is similar to those found in the New Orleans French Quarter. A grammar school, children museum, doctors office are among the developments of the subdivision.[4]


Jim (Alamo), Retzin, and Stephen Bowie from 1827 to 1831
Philip Barton Key (nephew of Francis Scott Key)
Andrew Donelson (nephew of Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson)
No remains
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