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Evergreen Plantation is a plantation located on Louisiana Highway 18 near Wallace, Louisiana. The main house was constructed mostly in 1790, renovated to its current Greek Revival style in 1832, and the plantation's historical crop was sugarcane. It was an operating plantation up until about 1930, when the Depression brought about the abandonment of the house. However, it continued to produce sugar cane under the direction of the bank that owned it, and is still a working sugar cane plantation today. It was extensively restored during the 1940s, with 300,000 bricks from the demolished Uncle Sam Plantation used in the restoration.[3]

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This was originally built as a Creole house around 1790 and in 1832 the outside was changed into a Greek-Revival style house as it is today. What is impressive and rare about this property is the original slave quarters are still intact and in very good shape. The house tour is fair- not much to see really- no original furniture and since it is a private residence- no photographs can be taken inside. (There isn't much to photograph of great importance anyway.) This property is a working sugar cane plantation and has many original building left- but you only tour the main house, kitchen, and one slave quarter house.


30.02690°N 90.63958°W
4677 Hwy. 18, Edgard, Louisiana
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