Ursino Plantation

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On 26 Feb 1836, Col James Gillam Wood purchased this property from Joseph Davis and brothers Henry and Fielding Turner. Part of the property had originally been part of Joseph Davis' 11,000 acre Hurricane Plantation. 

Col. Wood died in 1845. His sons Robert Y. and Edgar Wood ran the plantation until they had a falling out with their neighbors the Davis brothers (Joseph and Jefferson (the Confederacy President)). Thus, by 1861 Robert and Edgar had returned to Jefferson County, MS (where they were from) and the plantation was run by overseers.


The plantation eventually reached 1,557 acres in size. After the Civil War, Robert Y. Wood ran it, but went bankrupt. Thus, in 1871 he sold it to Ben Montgomery for $100,000.


Ben Montgomery was a former slave on Hurricane Plantation. More about him is written on that page.

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Joseph Davis
James Gillam Wood