The Great Awakening: A History of the Revival of Religion in the time of Edwards and Whitefield

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"Joseph Tracy (1793-1874) was an American Congregationalist minister. His careful research draws together all the available contemporary sources to give a fascinating insight into the events surrounding the awakening that took place throughout New England in the eighteenth century. The immense roles played by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield are inevitably prominent, but all the other characters and the parts they played are also featured.

It is estimated that between twenty-five and fifty thousand were converted during this period, from the local revivals in the 1730’s through the more extensive and widespread blessing of the early 1740’s and beyond. Tracy does not shirk the need to examine the aberrations and excesses that marked the revival in some parts, nor the controversies that raged between the friends and foes of the revival. From these, important lessons may be learned even now by all those looking for significant blessing on their ministries.

First published in 1842, this edition has been completely re-typeset for issue as an eBook and includes the illustrations from the original book. "

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