Acadian House Plantation

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"St. Martinville, La The Acadian House was built in 1765 by Mr. D'Autrive, Chevalier de St. Louis, on a Spanish Land Grant. On November 13th, 1778 by act passed before Mr. DeClout?, Commandant at the Post des Attakapas at Opelousas, the Plantation was sold to the Widow of Missire Paul Augustine Le Pelletier de la Houssaye, also called Pierre Augustine. Many numerous families were to own the Acadian House throughout the years , Oliver de Vegin, De Finally Mr. C. T. Bienvenue purchased the land from Mr. Frank Greig. Mr. Bienvenue was acting for Longfellow - Evangeline Memorial State and National Park Assn. On February 14, 1931, the National Park Association donated the Park to the State of Louisiana."

St. Martinville