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Roanoke Plantation is a historic plantation house located near SaxeCharlotte County, Virginia. The property includes two cottages and a smokehouse. The first cottage is a simple one-story, three-bay structure with exterior-end brick chimneys. It has a steep gable roof. The second cottage is a two-room, gable-end-front frame structure. It was the home of U.S. Congressman and Senator John Randolph (1773–1833).

More than 300 enslaved men, women, and children were manumitted their freedom in Senator Randolph's will and were to inherit thousands of acres of fertile farmland in Mercer County, Ohio. Upon his death in 1833, the Senator's brother immediately contested the will, and the plantation workers did not gain their freedom for another 13 years. Once they were finally free, they first attempted to relocate to Mercer County, Ohio where land had been bought for them by the provisions of the will and included at least ten acres of land for every man over 40 years of age. Armed, racist white settlers refused them. The freedmen would ultimately scatter and settle into smaller communities across Ohio.

West of Saxe off VA 746, near Saxe, Virginia
36°54′45″N 78°42′50″W
John Randolph
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