Alabama Plantations

Title Location County Region GeoCoord Status
Aduston Hall Plantation Gainesville Sumpter County 32.81317°N 88.15933°W Unknown
Alfred Hatch Place
Allen Grove Plantation Old Spring Hill Marengo County 32.42889°N 87.77500°W Active
Alpine Plantation Alpine Talladega County 33.35113°N 86.23722°W Active
Altwood Plantation Faunsdale Marengo County 32.42533°N 87.68124°W Relocated
Arlington Plantation Birmingham Jefferson County 33.49991°N 86.83880°W Active
Atkins Ridge Plantation Greensboro Hale County 32.69073°N 87.57666°W Active
Augusta Sledge Plantation Newbern Hale County 32.51972°N 87.56888°W No remains
Barton Hall Plantation Cherokee Colbert County 34.75079°N 88.00268°W Active
Battersea Plantation Prairieville Hale County 32.51028°N 87.70306°W Active
Belle Mina Plantation Belle Mina Limestone County 34.64479°N 86.88078°W Active
Belle Mont Plantation Tuscumbia Colbert County 34.66167°N 87.66694°W Active
Belvoir Plantation Pleasant Hill Dallas County 32.20278°N 86.96184°W Active
Bermuda Hill Plantation Prairieville Hale County 32.53005°N 87.69419°W Active
Boligee Hill Plantation Boligee Hale County 32.75972°N 87.98889°W Active
Borden Oaks Plantation Greensboro Hale County 32.71787°N 87.68931°W Active
Brides Hill Plantation Wheeler Lawrence County 34.67024°N 87.24452°W Ruins
Buena Vista Plantation Prattville Autauga County 32.42444°N 86.45194°W Active
Bullard Plantation Perdue Hill Monroe County 31.50564°N 87.53170°W Unknown
Cedar Crest Plantation
Cedar Grove Plantation
Cedar Haven Plantation
Chasley Farms Plantation
Cherokee Plantation
Colgin Hill Plantation
Cook Hill Plantation
Countryside Plantation
Creekwood Plantation
Crumptonia Plantation
Cuba Plantation
Davidson Plantation
Dellett Plantation
Drish Plantation
Dry Fork Plantation
Eden Plantation
Edgewood Plantation
Elm Bluff Plantation
Elm Ridge Plantation
Everhope Plantation
Fairhope Plantation
Faunsdale Plantation
Forks of Cypress Plantation
Gaineswood Plantation
Glencairn Plantation
Glenn Thompson Plantation
Glennville Plantation
Grace Chesnut Plantation
Grassdale Plantation
Grey Columns Plantation
Hawthorne Plantation at Pine Apple
Hawthorne Plantation at Prairieville
Idlewild Plantation
Ingleside Plantation
Ivy Green Plantation
Kenan Plantation
Kenworthy Hall Plantation
Kirkwood Plantation
Lakewood Plantation
Lee Haven Plantation
Liberty Hall Plantation
Magnolia Crest Plantation
Magnolia Green Plantation
Magnolia Grove Plantation
Magnolia Hall Plantation
Marengo Plantation
Marshalls Grove Plantation
McMillan Plantation
Meadowlawn Plantation
Melrose Plantation
Merry Oaks Plantation
Millwood Plantation
Mollette Plantation
Montebrier Plantation
Moore Webb Holmes Plantation
Moseley Grove Plantation
Moss Hill Plantation
Mount Ida Plantation
Mountain Spring Plantation
Oak Grove Plantation
Oak Manor Plantation
Oak Place Plantation
Oakhurst Plantation
Oaklawn Plantation
Odena Plantation
Orange Vale Plantation
Owen Plantation
Patience Plantation
Pitts Folly Plantation
Pleasant Ridge Plantation
Pond Spring Plantation
Preuit Oaks Plantation
Ramsey Jones Bonner House Plantation
Randolph Plantation
Reverie Plantation
River Bluff Plantation
Riverdale Plantation
Rocky Hill Castle
Roseland Plantation
Rosemary Plantation
Rosemount Plantation
Rosewood Plantation
Samuel Pitts Plantation
Sandy Hill Plantation
Saunders Hall Plantation
Spring Villa Plantation
Stone Plantation
Stoutenborough Hall Plantation
Summers Plantation
Sylvan Plantation
Tanglewood Plantation
Tasso Plantation
The Oaks Plantation
The Pillars Plantation
Thornhill Plantation
Umbria Plantation
Underwood Plantation
Wakefield Plantation
Waldwic Plantation
Welch Spring Plantation
Westwood Plantation
White Columns Plantation
William Hughes Plantation
William Poole House Plantation
Wilson Finlay House
Winston Place Plantation
Woodlands Plantation
Woodlane Plantation
Youpon Plantation