Title Year Month Day Event Type Perpetrator Victim Location State
Sack of Aquascogoc Village in Virginia by Richard Grenville in 1585 1585 Attack Sir Richard Grenville Aquascogoc Tribe Aquascogoc NC
Destruction of a Pequot Village in Connecticut 1637 1637 05 26 Annihilation Puritans Pequot Tribe Mystic CT
First Lockout in American Labor History 1640 Labor Lockout Owners Workers Gloucester ME
Dutch Pirates destroy Fort Pentagoet (Castine, Maine) in 1674 1674 Attack Jurriaen Aernoutsz Baron Jean-Vincent de St. Castin Castine ME
Farmer's Revolt on the Hudson River 1689 Farmer's Revolt Hudson River Plantation Owners Jacob Leisler Hudson River Plantations NY
Boston Bread Riot of April 1710 1710 04 Food Riot Poor and hungry Poor and hungry Boston MA
Boston Bread Riot of October 1711 1711 Food Riot Poor and hungry Poor and hungry Boston MA
First large-scale revolt of slaves in the American colonies 1712 Slave Revolt Militia Native Americans, Slaves New York NY
Boston Bread Riot of May 1713 1713 05 Food Riot Poor and hungry Boston MA
Slave rebellion at Stono, SC 1739 Slave Revolt Militia Slaves Stono NC
Punishment for Alleged Conspiracy 1741 Conspiracy Whites Slaves New York NY
The Pennamite Wars 1769 War Connecticut Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley, PA PA
Battle of Rampart Rocks 1775 12 25 War Connecticut Pennsylvania Rampart Rocks PA
Battle of the Wyoming 1778 07 03 Massacre Connecticut Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley, PA PA
Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783 1783 06 20 Anti-Government Protest Alexander Hamilton, Congress Continental Army Soldiers Philadelphia PA
Shays' Rebellion 1786-1787 1786-7 Rebellion Establishment War Veterans MA
Doctors' Riot of April 1788 1788 04 Riot Doctors African-Americans
Whiskey Rebellion 1791-1794 1791-1794 Rebellion State Government Borderlanders PA
The Whorehouse Riots of 1793 1793 10 Riot Public Prostitutes New York City NY
Fries's Rebellion 1799-1800 1799-1800 Tax Revolt Congress Pennsylvania Dutch PA
German Coast Uprising 1811 1811 01 08 Slave Revolt Plantation Owners Black Slaves St. John the Baptist and St. Charles Parishes LA
Cincinnati Riots of 1829 1829 Employment Riot Irish Immigrants Blacks Cincinnati OH
Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion of 1831 1831 08 Slave Revolt VA State Militia Black Slaves Southampton County VA
Anti-Abolitionist Riot of 1832 1832 Riot Anti-Abolitionists Blacks New York City NY
Detroit Slave Riot of 1833 1833 06 17 Slave Revolt Local Police Black Slaves Detroit MI
Anti-Abolitionist Riots of 1834 1834 07 07 Anti-Abolitionist Riot Irish Immigrants Abolitionists New York City NY
Massacre at Fort Pillow by General Nathan Bedford Forrest 1864 04 12 Massacre Nathan Bedford Forrest Black Union Troops Fort Pillow TN
Attack on Wobblies by the Everett, WA Sheriff 1916 11 05 Vigilante Justice Local Police, Sheriff Donald McRae Wobblies Everett WA
MacArthur attacks the Bonus Army at the Hooverville Site 1932 07 28 Suppression General Eisenhower, General MacArthur, General Patton, President Hoover Bonus Army Washington DC DC
Assassination Attempt on FDR in Miami 1933 02 15 Assassination Giuseppe Zangara FDR Miami FL