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The Cypress Grove Plantation was a Southern plantation owned by President Zachary Taylor in Rodney, Mississippi. Later, it was also known as Buena Vista Plantation.[1]

The plantation bordered Ashland Plantation and the Mississippi River.[1] It was near the Ashland community, and Ashland's port was sometimes used by Cypress Grove Plantation.[2] The plantation was also located on the Mississippi River ten miles below Rodney,[1] a small town on the Mississippi River in Jefferson County, Mississippi.[3][4] It was north of Natchez.[5]

The plantation was purchased by General Zachary Taylor in 1840.[3] The land spanned 1,923 acres.[3][5] It was purchased from David Hunt and others by John Hagan of New Orleans, and then sold to Taylor for $95,000.[1] It came with eighty-one African "servants," as Taylor called them, and with horses, mules, cattle and equipment.[3][1] Taylor and his wife, Margaret Taylor, often visited the plantation until he was elected President of the United States in 1848.[3] Indeed, she spent most of her time at the plantation while he was serving in the Mexican-American War.[3][5] Though Taylor won many battles in the war, the Battle of Buena Vista was his last victory in 1847.[1]The plantation became known as Buena Vista when Taylor returned from the war.[1]

Taylor's parents - Colonel Richard and Sara Strother Taylor - raised him on their plantation, so he had experience running a plantation.[1] Cotton, tobacco, corn and wheat were grown, and hogs, sheep, cattle and poultry were raised on his plantation.[3] He grew potatoes and peas in his garden.[3] His home on the plantation was made of timber and included a large library.[3][5] He also had a sawmill on this plantation.[3]

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