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T9N-R1W Section 47

Calviton was an approximately 1,050 acre plantation owned by Thomas Calvit. He bought this and other land in the area in about 1800. Mr. Calvit donated the land that the town of Rodney, MS was built on. After his death, the plantation passed to David Hunt who had been married to Thomas' daughter Mary Ann. David gave the plantation to the widow of his son Abijah and her second husband Edgar C. Wood. They raised David's grandchildren by his son Abijah there.


Calviton had what David Hunt's son Dunbar described as a small frame house. He stated that the house was moved to another location after the Civil War for a tenant farmer to live in. Dunbar was probably comparing the Calviton house to the Woodlawn Plantation house. If this is ture, then the house on Calviton would have probably been about the same size as one that an absentee plantation owner would have constructed for a plantation manager to live in - only slightly more elegant because it was lived in by the plantation owner in this case. A link to a photo of a possibly similar house is at: In this case it would have been lived in by the Thomas Calvit family and then by David Hunt's son Abijah's widow (Mary Agnes Walton) and their children and Mary's second husband Edgar Wood.


Mary Lee (Floyd) Winn Walton (b. 1793 Jefferson County, KY; d. 25 Jun 1875 Calviton Plantation Jefferson County MS) - mother of Calviton Plantation owner Mary Agnes Walton Hunt Wood (Mary Agnes was her oldest daughter);  Mary Lee owned Wilton Plantation - Adams MS .  Her brother was the Sergeant Floyd who died on the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition.  One of Mary Lee's sons, Alexander, lived on  Retirement Plantation - Adams MS with his wife, whose ancestors owned the plantation.  Mary Lee's daughter, Mary Agnes Walton, married first Abijah Hunt of Calviton Plantation (son of David Hunt of Woodlawn Plantation MS ) and second married  Edgar Wood.  Mary Agnes got Calviton when Abijah died and then Edgar and Mary Ann lived on Calviton Plantation .


Coles Creek
Circa 1800
On the north side of Coles Creek about three miles north west of Greenville, MS (now extinct). It adjoined Woodlawn Plantation MS.