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This plantation was on Southside/Ashland Road. It was in the vicinity of Services Island and David Hunt's Servis Island Plantation. It was right on the MS River. The land coordinates for this plantation are T10N-R2E,sections 13 and 14. Thus, the plantation was slightly over 1,000 acres.


This plantation on Southside/Ashland Road was owned by David Hunt. Hunt helped a Mr. David Servis buy this plantation - which made Mr. Servis a very rich man. This means that Hunt loaned Mr. Servis the money at interest to buy this plantation or that Hunt bought the plantation and then let Mr. Servis buy the plantation from him gradually over time by making periodic payments. Ashland Plantation was right beside Services Island (where Servis Island Plantation surely was located). David Servis surely bought Servis Island Plantation from Hunt as well. Ashland adjoined Buena Vista Plantation.


David Servis was from New Jersey. He opened a blacksmith shop at Church Hill. Later, he managed Woodlawn Plantation for David Hunt. Finally he was involved as an owner and/or operator of a sawmill near Rodney, MS.


From the 1860 Federal Slave Schedule, Jefferson Co. Transcribed by Tom Blake

*386 slaves - HUNT, David, Police Dist. 4, page 60B

(In 1860, Hunt owned several plantations in Jefferson County - see the "Historical Notes" section above - so this 386 number of slaves would have been spread across all of these plantations.)


Services Island
David Hunt
David Servis