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Jefferson County, MS, The plantation was at land coordinates T10N-R1W, sections 28, 29 and 38. These map coordinates can be located on the county highway maps at the Mississippi Department of Transportation website at . The original land survey is on-line at the General Land Office website of he bureau of land management at the following link.  After viewing the previous map, find the same land with a map search at by typing in "Rodney Mississippi" into the search bar. Look at the "satellite" view to see the fields and forests. Then zoom out slightly and look in the area where the Natchez Trace Parkway and Highway 553 intersect to see the land in the vicinity of this plantation.


Brick Quarters Plantation was one of 25 plantations belonging to David Hunt. The quarters was the name for the group of houses that the slaves on a plantation lived in. Thus, the slave houses on this plantation must have been built out of brick.

Thomas Calvit
David Hunt
Circa 1800