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General Information 

  • Location – bounded by Seabrook, Fish Haul, Cherry Hill, Sand Hill
  • Other names – Piney Woods

Owners -     

  • Harriet Pinckney and Daniel Jenkins may have sold this to the Popes in 1856.  (See also Fish Haul Plantation, Pine Barrens)
  • Pope family
  • R. C. McIntire bought in 1876 for $175.
  • W. P. Clyde, 1895
  • Thorne and Loomis, 1931.

Maps -         

    Hack, Hilton Head, South Carolina, before 1861

Bibliography - 

    Holmgren, Research on Hilton Head Island
    Holmgren, Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle

Additional Information:

Also known as Piney Woods

One of the boundaries to the north of Fish Haul Plantation.  The property belonged to the William Pope family.  Pinelands was bought by R.C. McIntyre in 1876.

  • Holmgren, Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle, p. 131

In 1860 the Pope family owned 7650 acres on the island, including 1000 acre Pineland Plantation.

  • Peeples, Tales of Ante Bellum Hilton Head Island Families, p. 3

On April 17, 1875 the heirs of Mary B. Pope paid $407.83 for about 1300 acres including the Pineland tract and the village of Mitchelville.

  • Trinkley, Chicora Research Series 17, Archaeological Survey of the Barker Field Expansion Project, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort County, South Carolina


Hilton Head Island, South Carolina