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General Information -

  • Location – north side of Broad Creek
  • Other names – Big Gate, Gardner’s

Owners -

  • Charles Davant, killed in  22 October 1781 in an ambush by Tory Captain Martinangel of Daufauskie.
  • Davant family until the confiscation
  • Gabriel P. Gardner, an Afro-American, acquired at the confiscation.  Land still known as Gardner’s although his grandchildren sold it to pay delinquent taxes.
  • Land farmed by Sea Island Cotton Company and then United States Cotton Company.
  • J. L. Dimmock
  • W. L. Hurley, 1919, buys 1200 acres; rest sold to Negroes and Northerners.
  • Roy Rainey
  • Thorne and Loomis

Land - 1424 acres

Bibliography - 
 Holmgren, Research on Hilton Head Island
 Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island
 Peeples, Tales of Ante Bellum Hilton Head Island Families 

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Additional Information:


Also see Gardner's Plantation
Intersection Mathews Drive and Marshland Road

Located on the north side of Broad Creek between the old Marshland and Otterburn Plantations, Two Oaks was owned by planter Charles Devant (1750-1781). Davant was ambushed and killed by Captain Martangel of the Royal Militia.   Two Oaks was owned by the Devant family until the Civil War, when the 1,424 acre plantation was sold to Gabriel Gardner by the United States Direct Tax Commission.

  • South Carolina Institute of A &  A original listing

See these pages for the story of the burning of the Talbird home and the shooting of Charles Davant.

Holmgren and Peeples spell Devant - Davant and Martangle, Martinangel.

  • Holmgren. Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle, p. 56-58

Peeples says Two Oaks also known as 'Big Gate'.

  • Peeples, Robert, Tales of Ant Bellum Hilton Head Island Families, p. 7

Island planter Charles Davant (1750-1781) who married in June 1776 Elizabeth Fendin, widow of planter Richard Bland, held Two Oaks Plantation on the north side of Broad Creek.  There he died in the arms of his wife on October 22, 1781, mortally wounded from ambush by Captain Martinangel of the Royal Militia.  His son, Charles Davant, inherited Two Oaks, moved to the mainland in 1839 and lost Two Oaks at the confiscation when the large 1424 acre plantation was sold to Gabriel Gardner.  It has since been known as Gardner’s.

  • Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development), p. 41


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