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General Information - Location – northwest corner of the island

Owners -

  • Bridget Barnwell Sams

  • Robert Sams, Jr. inherited

  • William and Phoebe (Jenkins) Waight purchased on Sams’ death

  • Phoebe Waight, daughter, inherited; married William Elliott. 

See Myrtle Bank Plantation.

Land - 500 acres

Maps - Hack, "Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, before 1861"

Bibliography -

     Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names

Additional Information:

Robert Sams, Jr. on the April 18, 1741 death of his mother, inherited from his mother, Bridget Barnwell Sams, the 500 acre plantation at the northwest corner of the island; he died without progeny and it was sold in 1760 to William and Phoebe (Jenkins) Waight of Beaufort, Phoebe being a daughter of Joseph Jenkins and Phoebe C whose parents were John Chaplin and Phoebe Ladson.  Their daughter, yet another Phoebe, a beautiful, charming and vivacious heiress married William Elliott who first grew there in 1790 the famous long-stapled Sea Island cotton which he developed.

  • Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development), p. 42


Hilton Head Island, South Carolina