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Much of the information on this page was contributed by Michael Dyches.

Basic Information

  • Location – Baldock, Allendale County
  • Comments – The original owner William Dyches was a devout Loyalist who fled North Carolina to Orangeburg District, South Carolina – a Loyalist stronghold during the early years of the Revolution. He moved there with his in-laws, William and Nancy Everitt. Dyches served in the Loyalist militia but later pledged his allegiance to the freedom cause. His first wife died; he then had a common-law marriage to Leah Brooker who administered his estate and probably sold the plantation to Dr. Elijah Gillette. She changed the spelling to Dicks, giving rise to the present-day Dicks family of Barnwell County, South Carolina.
  • Origin of name – William Dyches and his son George operated a saw mill on what is now called Miller's Creek. The mill was powered by what was then a brand new invention, the steam engine. It was quite a profitable operation, and there are remnants of the old mill on the land today.
  • Other names – ?
  • Current status – Owned by Jimmy Elkins (2005)


  • ? – Earliest known date of existence
  • ? – House built


  • Number of acres – ?
  • Primary crop – ?


  • Alphabetical list – William Dyches; Jimmy Elkins (2005); Dr. Elijah Gillette; Lavinia Gillett


  • Number of slaves – ?


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