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Basic Information

  • Location – Pendleton District, Anderson County
  • Origin of name – ?
  • Other names – Longhouse, the Brown Farm
  • Current status – Property is owned by Clemson University; house no longer exists


  • 1700s (late) – Earliest known date of existence

    Joseph Whitner held the deed to the property but he did not improve the land. He later sold the property to Colonel Thomas Pinckney, Jr.

  • 1808 – Colonel Thomas Pinkney, Jr. built a house on the property and called it Altamont.

    Sometime within the next 20 years he built a second house and called it Altamont II.

  • 1824 – Colonel Pinckney sold the first Altamont house to his brother-in-law, Dr. Francis Kinloch Huger.
  • 1937 – The property was sold to the United States Government to become part of the Clemson Community Conservation Project.
  • 1940s – The house was torn down. Two of the Italian mantles were relocated to Woodburn Plantation.


  • Number of acres – ?
  • Primary crop – ?


  • Alphabetical list – Robert and Jane Fleming Adger; Mamie McCrary Brown; Alice Gant; Dr. Francis Kinloch Huger; Edmond McCrary; Colonel Thomas Pinkney, Jr.; Joseph Whitner


  • Number of slaves – ?


Web Resources

Print Resources

  • Initial references: See #1
  • Suzanne Cameron Linder and Marta Leslie Thacker (with preliminary research by Agnes Leland Baldwin), Historical Atlas of the Rice Plantations of Georgetown County and the Santee River (Columbia: South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 2001).
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