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The Ducros Plantation (a.k.a. Old Jackson Plantation or Polmer Plantation) is a Southern plantation located in Schriever, Louisiana.

The plantation is located in Schriever, Terrebone Parish, Louisiana.[3] It is two miles and a half away from Thibodaux.[4]

The land was granted by Spain to Thomas Villanueva Barroso.[5] It was then acquired by Mr Ducros.[6] In 1845, Ducros sold it to Colonel Van Perkins Winder.[5][7] Winder expanded the acreage by purchasing adjacent land formerly owned by Thomas Butler and smaller farms.[4]

The mansion was built by Winder's widow, Martha Grundy, who was Felix Grundy's daughter, shortly after her husband's death.[2][6] Construction began in 1859 and it was completed in 1860.[4] It was designed in the Greek Revival architectural style.[3] Martha hired a Louisiana architect named Evens and told him to model the mansion on The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's plantation home in Nashville, Tennessee.[4] Indeed, she had grown up in Nashville.[4]

During the American Civil War of 1861-1865, the mansion was saved from a fire by Union General Godfrey Weitzel.[4] However, the outbuildings burned down.[4] Meanwhile, the fields were used as a camping ground by the Confederate States Army and the Unionists.[4] The Texas Rangers hoisted Bonnie Blue Flag, a flag of the Confederate States of America, on top of the house.[4]

In 1872, the plantation was purchased by two brothers, R.S. Woods and R.C. Woods, who were married to two sisters, Maggie Pugh and Fannie Pugh.[4] It became known as the Old Jackson Plantation.[8] It is two-story high, with a white facade.[2]

It was purchased by Samuel and Leon Polmer in 1909.[9] It was later inherited by Leon Polmer's sons, Irvin and Marvin.[9] In 1974, it was inherited by J.L. Fischman of New Orleans.[10]

The plantation is now owned by the Bourgeois family.[10] It was featured on If These Walls Could Talk, a television program on HGTV, in 2002.[10] Old wood with inscriptions about the secession of South Carolina and the presidential run of Stephen A. Douglas in 1860 have been found on the property.[10]




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