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The house at Harrietta Plantation was built by Mrs. Harriot Horry of the Hampton Plantation for her daughter, Harriott and her husband Frederick Rutledge. Mrs. Horry's son, Charles Lucas Pinckney Horry, married Elenore Marie Florimonde de Fay la Tour Maubourg. When Charles and Elemore decided to live elsewhere, Frederick and Harriot Rutledge lived at Hampton Plantation, and work on the Harrietta Plantation House stopped.

In 1858, the house was purchased by Stephen D. Doar. He finished the upper floors and was the first resident in the house. The Doar family owned the house until 1929. Rice was cultivated until 1903. When the house was sold in 1929, there were rooms in the house that had yet to be plastered.

In 1929, Mr. Doar sold the plantation to Mr. Horatio Shonnard of New York, who undertook a restoration of the house and its gardens. In March 1947, the 17-room plantation and its 1500 acres were sold by Mrs. Horatio Shonnard to Mrs. John P. Abney, the widow of the founder of an eponymous chain of cotton mills in the Piedmont section of South Carolina. The plantation had been listed for sale for $115,000 at that time.

The house is currently owned by the Harrietta Holdings, LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company.

McClellanville, South Carolina
33°10′10″N 79°23′37″W
Mrs. Harriot Horry
Frederick Rutledge
Harriot Rutledge Horry
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