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" In the two centuries following the arrival of the English colonists, the island landscape on Jamestown Island evolved from the seat of the colonial government to large plantations owned by the Ambler and Travis families. Built circa 1750 by Richard Ambler, 350 yards east of the old Jamestown Church, the two story, center hall, single pile, brick house with walls laid in Flemish Bond with few glazed headers was typical of early Georgian architecture. The home was burned during the American Revolution but was restored by Colonel John Ambler. The mansion by then owned by William Allen was burned again by runaway slaves during the Civil War, and was restored a second time. When the house burned for a third time in 1895 it was abandoned but its ruins still stand and have been stabilized by the National Park Service."


Jamestown Island
Richard Ambler
John Ambler
William Allen
Circa 1750