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On Hilton Head Island, probably destroyed by development.

Location - on the Atlantic between Mathew’s Folly Field and Pope’s Leamington Plantations, now called Palmetto Dunes.

Owners -

  • Benjamin Guerard
  • John Hanahan (See Hanahan Holdings)
  • Stoney, 1805
  • William Fripp Chaplin (1767-1830), in 1820.  Shortly thereafter he purchased 400-acre Marshlands Plantation from the estate of Thomas Webb.
  • Both estates were entirely lost to the Chaplin family at the confiscation.
  • Redeemed in 100-acre plots by 8 Negroes with Adam Green as Trustee on April 7, 1876 for $36.25 each.
  • Thorne and Loomis purchased from heirs 1938.  (Sand Hill was included by mistake in this sale).

Land - 400 acres.

Maps - Hack,"Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, before 1861"

Bibliography -

  •  Holmgren, Research on Hilton Head Island
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Additional Information:

"The Chaplins owned land on St. Helena Island and which of the brothers came to Hilton Head is not clear. Their plantation between Leamington and Mathew's contained 400 acres which was  increased to 800 with the purchase of Marshlands, adjacent inland to their original purchase. Both estates were reserved by the Federal government for sale to Negroes and were not redeemable."

  • Holmgren, Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle, p. 125

"From the Chaplin family history it is not clear just which Chaplin bought the 400 acre ocean front plantation bearing the family name and later added 400-acre Marshland Plantation."  (William, John or Benjamin of St. Helena's)

  • Peeples, Robert, Tales of Ante Bellum Hilton Head Families, p. 11

c. 1920  ".... families in the area included Christophers, Browns, Driessen, Ford, Ferguson, Porter, Simmons, Burks, Kellerson, Singleton, Green"

  • Grant, Moses, Looking Back, p. 14

John Chaplin arrived in Carolina in April 1672. Chaplin Creek near the confluence of the Stono and Kiawah Rivers marking the area of his residence. His son, John Chaplin, Jr., married Phoebe, daughter of John Ladson, and settled on St. Helena's Island before 1716. Their grandson,  William Fripp Chaplin (1767-1830) in 1820 owned 400-acre Chaplin Plantation on the Atlantic between Mathew’s Folly Field and Pope’s Leamington Plantations.  Shortly thereafter he purchased 400-acre Marshlands Plantationfrom the estate of Thomas Webb.  Both estates were lost to the family at the time of confiscation. The name Chaplin Plantation still endures.

  • Peeples, Robert E.H., An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development), p. 7
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
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