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On Hilton Head Island, probably destroyed by development.

Mathews' Land

"The Reverend Philip Mathews and his wife Rebecca Davant owned two plantations. Both plots were often called "Mathews' Land".  W.D. Brown bought the 500 acres of Folly Field for $110 on the same day in 1876 when he acquired Possum Point and Cherry Hill. They (heirs) sold the Mathews' land to Clyde and ownership passed from him to Rainey and then to Thorne and Loomis." 

Holmgren, Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle, p. 130

"Also in the pre-Revolutionary period, circa 1760 four Davant brothers: John, James, Isaac and Charles, sons of John Davant of Edisto, settled on Hilton Head, variously owning Point Comfort, Gardner's, Mathews, Folly Field, Marshlands and other plantations...Here on Hilton Head, Rebecca Davant married the Rev. Philip Mathews, priest-in-charge of Zion Chapel, and inherited 500 acre Folly Field...Of their 1100 acre heritage only 200 acres could be recovered in 1874...they sold out to William P. Clyde. Carpetbagger W.D. Brown got 500 acre Folly Field from the Tax Commission for $110."

Peeples, Tales of Ante Bellum Hilton Head Families, p. 7, 8

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina