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On Hilton Head Island, probably destroyed by development.

Grasslawn (Scott) Plantation

General Information - Location – at eastern end of the Island, fronting on the Atlantic Ocean

Owners - 

  • William Scott, who purchased Grass Lawn in 1791 from William Pope, Sr., land which had been part of Coggins Point Plantation.
  • The Scott family held Grass Lawn until the confiscation.
  • William Wilson bought 400-acre Grass Lawn from the government for $90 on Feb. 12, 1876.
  • Federal government retained 200 acres as a military reservation.
  • R. C. McIntire purchased 400 acres for $200 in May 1876.
  • Will Clyde in 1895 from McIntire heirs.
  • Roy Rainey
  • Thorne and Loomis, 1931

See also Capers Plantation and Scott Plantation.

Land - 365 acres at time of initial purchase; later 600.

Maps - "Hack, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, before 1861"

Bibliography - 

    Holmgren, Research on Hilton Head Island, 1956-ca. 1975
    Holmgren, Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle
    Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names


Additional Information:

Port Royal Plantation

"In 1791 William Scott bought 365 acres on the inland side of Coggins Point, and since William was a member of the Revolutionary War Partisan band stationed on Hilton Head, it is likely that he already owned land here.  Joseph Scott was an island resident in 1799. (Ann Scott married Squire Pope in 1806.) ...The Scott name does not appear in the claims under the Redemption Act of 1872.  Grasslawn was bought from the government on February 12, 1876 by William Wilson, who got 400 acres for $90.  The remaining 200 acres were kept by the government as a military reservation and may be the site marked Springfield on postwar maps.  Wilson sold to R.C. McIntire three months later, and in 1895 McIntire heirs sold to Clyde, who bought the entire McIntire holdings...." It is not known if Wilson was the pre-war owner of Grasslawn.

  • Holmgren , Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea  Island Chronicle, p. 132, 134

c. 1920   "....families in the area included White, Wiley, Johnson, Ferguson, Goft, Williams, Jones, Robertson, Alston".

  • Grant, Moses, Looking Back, p. 14

Grass Lawn has enjoyed a continuous existence since 1791 when William Pope, Sr. sold 365 acres of his Coggins Point Plantation, which he held in right of his wife, Sarah Green, to his cousin, William Scott, son of Sarah Pope Scott.  The Scott family held Grass Lawn until the confiscation.  William Wilson bought 400 acre Grass Lawn from the government for $90 in 1876; 25 acres of it was recently sold for $1,250,000.

  • Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development), p.20
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