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General Information - Location – Scull Creek

Owners - 

  • Gentleman named Conyers, in the mid-eighteenth century.
  • Mary Ann Ladson, granddaughter of Conyers and wife of Captain John Talbird inherited. Conyers and Ladson jointly brought a cargo of slaves directly to the Island and reputedly did very well on the venture.

Bibliography - 

Peeples, An Index to Hilton Head Island Names

Additional Information:

During the mid-eighteenth century a gentleman named Conyers, claiming to be a descendent of Sir John Conyers, Commander of the Tower of London during the reign of King Charles I, had a plantation on Skull Creek adjoining that of his Ladson son-in-law.  Conyers and Ladson joined the purchase of a cargo of African slaves brought directly to the island by a Boston based ship and reputedly did very well on the venture.  But Conyers was accidentally drowned while fishing, the spot long known as ‘Conyers Hole’.  At the death of his widow, his plantation was inherited by their granddaughter, Mary Ann Ladson, wife of Captain John Talbird.

  • Peeples, Robert E. H., An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development), p. 9
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