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In 1776, Randolph inherited the Snowden plantation in Buckingham County, Virginia with 2,291⅔ acres called "Fluvanna lands" located near the Hardware River and Scottsville, from his father, Peter Jefferson's estate. Peter Jefferson built the original house. More specifically, the plantation was located along the James River, about twenty miles south of Monticello and across from Scott's Ferry and on the south side of Horseshoe Bend. His life at Snowden was relatively simple compared to life at Monticello; however, he was an affluent planter and dependent on enslaved labor. He had 2,000 acres, 30 slaves, 6 horses, and 42 cattle in 1782. Months after Randolph's death, the dwelling house at Snowden burned to the ground.

Along the James River, about twenty miles south of Monticello and across from Scott's Ferry and on the south side of Horseshoe Bend.
Peter Jefferson
Randolph Jefferson
No remains