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Oakland Plantation 2010 - Aiken County, South Carolina
— Oakland Plantation © Rod Lenahan —

Special thanks to Rod and Joan Lenahan for contributing the information on this page.

Basic Information

  • Location – 2930 Storm Branch Road, Beech Island, Aiken County, midway between Aiken and Augusta, GA, approximately 12 miles from each town
  • Origin of name – Named by Wade Glover because the plantation location was noted on a 1782 map as being near the tree line that separated the pines and the oak hardwoods.
  • Other names – None
  • Current status – Privately owned and operated as a bed and breakfast; 2011 approved by state to be designated as a Historic Landmark and awaiting approval by the National Park Service.



  • 1786 – Earliest known date of existence when Samuel Glover received a land grant for 640 undeveloped acres in February
  • Circa 1802 – When Samuel died, the plantation was divided into fourths with each of his four sons receiving one portion.
  • 1824-1826 – Wade Butler Glover had the house constructed for his bride Carolina. Both hired workers and slaves worked on the construction project.

    Wade and Carolina had 12 children, all of whom lived to adulthood. An additional five Glover houses could have been found in the area. Oakland is the only Glover house that still exists.

  • 1968 – The home remained in the Glover family until this year and had not be modernized as there was no electricity or indoor plumbing. Three spinster sisters where the last Glovers to call Oakland home.

    Glover relatives, the Bolan family, became owners of the plantation. The house was unoccupied and became in disrepair.

  • 1983 – The property was purchased by DeLoche and remained vacant.
  • 1984 – DeLoche sold the plantation to Lee.
  • 1990 – The Suiches purchased Oakland and began a 14-year project to refurbish the house and modernize it.
  • 2004 – Fair purchased the property from the Suiches. Fair quickly sold in the same year to Bernard.
  • 2009 – Rod Lenahan purchased Oakland from Bernard. Rod has done extensive research and restoration to the house to bring it back to the glory it was under the Glover ownership. He has refurbished the special architectural details down to researching the original paint colors.



  • Number of acres – 648 (1786), 5 (present)

  • Primary crops – Lumber, corn, cotto


  • Chronological list – Samuel Glover (1786-circa 1802), Wade Butler Glover, Glover family (?-1968), Bolan (1968-1983), DeLoche (1983-1984), Lee (1984-1987), Suich (1990-2004), Fair (2004), Bernard (2004-2009), Rod Lenahan (?-present)


  • Number of slaves – 15-20


  • House – Finished in 1826 in the Federal style with a large front veranda. Oakland is in original condition and maintains an exterior and interior much as it was in the early 1800s.
  • Remaining outbuildings – Dairy house and restored privy.
  • Plantation office – The building was moved and connected to the main house by a small hallway, probably in the mid 1800s, and now serves as the master bedroom.
  • Schoolhouse – Was used to educate the many children born at Oakland along with neighbors until the late 1800s or early 1900s. In the early 1900s, it was moved and connected to the dining room to be used as a kitchen when use of the outside kitchen house was discontinued. This room is now the master bath and laundry room.

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Contact Information

  • Oakland Bed & Breakfast
    2930 Storm Branch Road
    Beech Island, SC 29842

    Telephone: 803-827-1135
    Website: Click here


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