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Basic Information

  • Location – Savannah River, Solomons Crossroads, Allendale and Hampton counties

    Located off SC 3 on Groton Road

  • Origin of name – ?
  • Other names – ?
  • Current status – ?


  • ? – Earliest known date of existence
  • ? – House built


  • Number of acres – 22,000 in 2008 (3)
  • Primary crop – Timber


  • Alphabetical list – Lawton; Maner; Winthrop


  • Number of slaves – ?

    Latraiavice Maner shares some of her family's history at Groten Plantation: My grandfather, Charles Maner, Jr., sharecropped there and so did his father Charles Maner, Sr. My great-great grandfather and grandmother were slaves there. Charles Maner, Sr. was burned alive in his home because he worked for this family his entire life and they promised him that piece of land for his family. Rather than keep their word, he was killed. His wife and son came back from church at Pipe Creek one Sunday and found the house burned to the ground. My grandfather became the man of the house at the age of twelve. Silas & Henry Maner, Coneilius & Margaret Maner, and Clysa & Harry Hopkins are buried there."

References & Resources

  1. Information contributed by Latraiavice Maner, whose great-great grandparents where slaves at the plantation.

  2. Alexania Easterling Lawton and Minnie Reeves Wilson, Allendale on the Savannah, (Bamberg, SC: Bamberg Herald Printers, 1970)

  3. Winyah Bay Heritage Festival - source no longer available online