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Basic Information

  • Location – Lake HartwellAnderson County

    Original plantation lands were located in the Pendleton District where the Seneca River and Conneross Creek joined, near Hopewell in the Long Cane area of Abbeville County (1).

  • Origin of name – Named by founder John Harris, Jr., partly to honor his own surname and partly to recognize Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the town from whence his family had emigrated (1).
  • Other names – ?
  • Current status – Harrisburg Plantation was flooded during the creation of Lake Hartwell by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 1955-1963. Today, only the cemetery remains above water; it can be found on an island in the lake (1).


  • ? – Earliest known date of existence
  • ? – House built
  • ? – John Harris, Jr. developed the plantation on land he purchased using funds he earned as a soldier during the Revolutionary War. He owned the plantation for over 40 years and raised his family there with his wife Mary, who was the daughter of General Andrew Pickens (1).
  • Circa 1961 – The plantation was flooded during the construction of Lake Hartwell (1).


  • Number of acres – ?
  • Primary crop – ?
  • The cemetery is the only part of Harrisburg Plantation that remains above water, and it is only accessible by boat. The rest of the plantation is submerged under Lake Hartwell, but the family cemetery was saved as it was located on a high knoll. A 2003 survey of the cemetery cataloged 48 graves, including Mary Pickens Harris and John Harris, Jr (2).


  • Chronological list – John Harris, Jr.


  • Number of slaves – ?


References & Resources

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