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Much of the information on this page was contributed by Michael Dyches and Wayne and Hazel Riley Pearce.

Basic Information

  • Location – KlineBarnwell County

    Located on Fiddle Pond Road off US 278

  • Origin of name – ?
  • Other names – ?
  • Current status – ?


  • 1700's – Earliest known date of existence

    Arthur and Elizabeth Jenkins owned the property. It is not known when they purchased the plantation.

  • 1800 – Thomas Riley is said to have married one of the Jenkins's daughter. On May 4, 1800 he was deeded 590 acres. He paid taxes on the 590 acres and on 11 slaves.

    In a deed dated October 10, 1800, Arthur Jenkins deeded another 300 acres to Thomas Riley.

  • 1808 – The first mention of the property by the name of Fiddle Pond was in a birth reord. It is recorded that Thomas Riley's nephew, George Owen Riley, was born May 8, 1808 at Fiddle Pond Plantation.

    During the next few years Thomas Riley proceeded to purchase large tracts of land in the surrounding area.

  • 1824-1830 – Thomas Riley died between these years. It is not known who was owner of the plantation after Thomas' death, however, the plantation remained in the family.
  • 1847 – James Wilson Riley appeared to be the primary owner at Fiddle Pond Plantation. He married Emily Cleveland Myrick.
  • 1861-1865 – The house was burned down by William Sherman's Union troops.


  • Number of acres – 890 in 1800
  • Primary crop – Cotton


  • Alphabetical list – Arthur and Elizabeth Jenkins; James Wilson Riley; Thomas Riley

    At least three generations of the Riley family lived at Fiddle Pond Plantation.


  • Number of slaves – 28 owned by Arthur Jenkins (Barnwell Census, 1800); 47 (1810 Census)


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