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This important five-bay wood frame plantation house overlooks the James River just west of Upper Brandon. Matthew Edloe I arrived in Virginia in 1618 aboard the Neptune, Lord Delaware's ship, and 1637 his son and heir Matthew Edloe II patented 1,200 acres in Charles City County, Virginia. Prince George County was formed from the portion of Charles City located south of the James River in 1703. The date of construction of the house at Edloe is unknown because the property records of Prince George County were destroyed during the American Civil War. The five bay clapboard house was insured by John Edloe in 1805 and 1810, and old beams uncovered during 20th century renovations to the house indicate that it almost certainly dates to the 18th century. The book Sketches of Slave Life: Or, Illustrations of the "Peculiar Institution" by Peter Randolph published in 1855 describes Randolph's live as a slave on Edloe Plantation prior to the Civil War. Edloe is a privately owned working farm in the 21st century.

Charles City