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Jerdone Castle is a plantation located in BumpassLouisa County, Virginia originally established circa 1742. Jerdone Castle is a Virginia Historic Landmark and registered on the U.S. National Register of Historical Places. Originally 1,100 acres (450 ha), much of the plantation's original land is submerged under Lake Anna. The estate currently contains 175 acres (71 ha).

The oldest section of Jerdone Castle was built in 1742 by Francis Jerdone who came to Virginia from Scotland in 1740, as discussed below. In addition to expanding his original landholdings and building a residence, Jerdone operated stores, mills, and a forge. The later main section of the house was built in 1853 for Francis Jerdone's descendant Sarah Jerdone Coleman and her husband, Gen. Clayton G. Coleman (1807-1872). Its Italianate bracketed cornice and cupola emphasize its generous size.

The Louisa County, Virginia, Historical Society documents that on June 9, 1791, President George Washington was an overnight visitor at Jerdone Castle. Washington's wife Martha was a close friend of Francis Jerdone's wife Sarah. Papers from the Jerdone family, including life at and the maintenance of Jerdone Castle, can be found in the Special Collections Research Center at the College of William & Mary.

North of Bumpass, near Bumpass, Virginia
38°0′26″N 77°44′56″W
Francis Jerdone
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