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Meadowville, originally part of Sir Thomas Dale's settlement in 1613. It was first called Rochdale Hundred and afterwards 'Neck of Land in Charles City', to distinguish it from 'Neck of Land in James City' and later became known as Jones Neck. By 1681 the land had been acquired by William Byrd who sold 507 acres to Richard Kennon, who gave the property to his daughter Judith who married Thomas Eldridge. The Jones Neck property was later divided and the western portion became known as Rochedale and the eastern 207 acre parcel became known as Meadowville. In 1926 a canal known as the Jones Neck cutoff was dug across property which shortened distance by water to Richmond by 4.5 miles. The portion that was separated became known as Meadowville Island. The property remained devoted to agriculture until the early 21st century when it was sold for the development of Meadowville Landing, a high end residential community.

Thomas Dale
William Byrd
Richard Kennon
Thomas Eldridge